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principles  /pr'ɪnsəpəlz/
共發現 2 筆關於 [principles] 的資料 (解釋內文之英文單字均可再點入查詢)
來源(1): Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 [moby-thesaurus]
89 Moby Thesaurus words for "principles": Ten Commandments, Zeitgeist, alphabet, assured probity, axiology, basics, behavioral norm, blamelessness, business ethics, character, cleanness, code, code of ethics, code of morals, course, creed, decalogue, decency, elements, erectness, estimableness, ethic, ethical system, ethics, ethos, fairness, first principles, first steps, good character, goodness, grammar, guiding principles, high ideals, high principles, high-mindedness, honesty, honor, honorableness, hornbook, immaculacy, induction, integrity, irreproachability, irreproachableness, justice, justness, legal ethics, line, medical ethics, moral climate, moral code, moral excellence, moral principles, moral strength, morals, new morality, nobility, norm, normative system, outlines, plan of action, platform, policy, polity, position paper, primer, principia, probity, procedure, professional ethics, pureness, purity, rectitude, reputability, respectability, righteousness, rudiments, social ethics, stainlessness, standards, unimpeachability, unimpeachableness, unspottedness, uprightness, upstandingness, value system, virtue, virtuousness, worthiness 來源(2): Internet Dictionary Project [english-french]
principles principes